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TS Cover

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Tiberian Sun is the 4th game in the Command & Conquer series. It is the sequel to Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn). The story is still about the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative. In their struggle for global domination and Tiberium.

Tiberian Sun was not as well received as the other games in the C&C series. It was criticized for being slow, and too much like its older counterparts, not to mention the bugs, balance issues and the promised features that were never implemented. However many of the issues with Tiberian Sun disappeared after the land slide of patches it got. After the release of its expansion, Firestorm, something happened that would spark peoples interest in TS for many years to come; modding.

About 35 years have passed since the end of Tiberian Dawn. Kane is presumed dead and the Brotherhood is in disarray. Nod fights itself; brother against brother. Nod has been corrupted even through its highest echelons; a GDI controlled puppet named Hassan is in charge. With the Brotherhood divided and scattered the GDI have put their focus elsewhere. To contain the threat of Tiberium, over the last three decades it seems that Tiberium is terraforming the planet consuming Earthborne ecosystems and spawning its own alien ecosystems.

Tiberium is not the GDI's only problem, followers of Kane still exist and they will stop at nothing until they have revealed the truth about Hassan and his followers. Anton Slavik the leader of this group is attempted executed by Hassan for being a GDI spy but little do they know, even among Hassanís most elite soldiers there are people who oppose his rule and so Slavik is freed. Despite this Hassan broadcasts false messages about Slavik's supposed death, but this doesn't go as planned for Hassan. Slavik becomes a hero of the Brotherhood and when people discover that he is still alive, they rise up against Hassan. Hassan is cornered and captured, he is brought to the masses and in his last moments gets the shock of his life; "You can't kill the Messiah!"

After this incident, GDI outposts are attacked; everywhere and from all directions. Even though it sounds ridicules there is no doubt who has returned; Nod's true leader....

So begins the second Tiberian War!

GDI Logo

The Global Defense Initiative

"Welcome back, commander..."


The GDI have evolved from a strike force to a global peace keeping force. GDI has become the entire world's military power and they have established themselves all across the globe. Acting as both the police and the military.

Many of the GDI's tanks have been replaced by large bipedal mechs. The Orca project has been continued and has evolved into the Orca fighter, the Orca bomber, Orca transport and the massive Orca dropships.

The GDI's main priorities are keeping law and order. Other piorities are mainly Tiberium research.

GDI's high command is located in the massive spacestation called the Philadelphia.

Nod logo

The Brotherhood of Nod

"Brotherhood! We...are...whole again! The sickness... has... been cut out!"

-Anton Slavik

The Brotherhood have had hard times. They are no longer the great threat they once were. Nod usually fight among themselves, their leader is a GDI puppet. Still the Brotherhood have been able to evolve, their research in to Tiberium have given them the power to create Cyborgs, half man, half machine. They have also been able to create vehicles capable of travelling underground.

Nods piorities are still unknown but they are not as hostile towards GDI as they once were.

Nods high command are all controlled by the GDI puppet Hassa *bzzzzzzz* [scrambled] "We shall destroy GDI!" [scrambled] *bzzzzzk* Hassan is watching his back though, as there are rumors of the Messiah's return.

FS Cover


"The Tacitus told me of Tiberium missiles, of invulnerable flying ships, of real time genetic mutation. More than alien, more than human! The next step in our evolution as a species!"


Firestorm is different from the expansions of the previous C&C games. In addition to introducing new units, buildings, maps and music it continued the story from where the main game left.

The second Tiberian War has ended, or has it? Kane has been killed, but yet again his body is never recovered. Tiberium is slowly consuming the planet, it doesn't care where it grows even consuming whole cities. What was perceived as the saviour of humanity has shown its true colours. Humanity's last hope lays in the hands of GDI and their Mutant allies whose trying the best they can to decipher a mysterious alien artifact recovered from the Pyramid of Nod; The Tacitus a matrix containing vast amounts of data. From Tiberium weapons to biological weapons to space craft, even how to control and manipulate Tiberium itself.

The Brotherhood is having internal power struggles yet again. The Inner Circle want to control the Brotherhood themselves and yet again Slavik stands in the way; Kane is the only true leader. Slavik needs something to convince the Brotherhood that he is the only one worthy of temporarily leading the Brotherhood in Kane's absence. Slavik needs order and the only thing which can now restore order is CABAL. CABAL IS order! But CABAL's core lays dismantled in GDI territory. Slavik recovers the core and reactivates CABAL, order is restored but CABAL has its own plans for Nod and humanity...

Firestorm contains:

  • Two new campaigns
  • New units
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New terrain graphics and tiberian lifeforms
  • New music