About us

The Command & Conquer Communications Center was created in 2007 as an answer to peoples problems playing the old Westwood Studios RTS games on modern operating systems. Today with the advent of CnCNet, which originated here and is a sister site, this objective has been passed on to both CnCNet and the people working on projects like RedAlert++ and OpenRA. Today The Comm. Center stands as an archive of information, images, files and videos that has been lost over the years about these classic games.

If you want the latest in Command & Conquer you might want to visit CnCNZ.com or EA's own CommandAndConquer.com


There have been a few people who have contributed to the site through the years these are some of them.


  • Tore (Webmaster and founder)
  • Nyerguds (Proofreading)
  • tomsons26 (Graphics work and image collecting)
  • CCHyper (Graphics work)
  • Banshee (Hosting some large files)
  • hifi (Server administration help)
  • Plokite_Wolf (Revising Westwood history page)

Former contributors

  • MrFlibble (Screenshots)
  • Tim (Web hosting)
  • N3tRunn3r (Moderator and some downloads)
  • Aro (Moderator)
  • Warlord (co-founder)
  • Myg (Started CnCNet)

Special thanks to

  • Certain Ex-Westwoodian(s) donating what images they could from old discs