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Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor Online

"Welcome to Sole Survivor! It's time to rock n' roll!"

-The Commando

Sole Survivor is the 3rd and a largely forgotten C&C game

Sole Survivor is a multiplayer game where you are in control of only one unit. You survive by upgrading your unit with crates scattered around the battlefield.

Before a game is started you get to choose a unit you want to use. You can choose from every ground unit from C&C1, even the dinosaurs! But there are no air units.

This game died when the online servers for it was shutdown due to lack of interest in the game. There are no LAN game mode only a offiline practice mode.

People have tried many times to create a Sole Survivor server but they have all failed, mostly due to lack of interest.

Some of the online game modes were:

  • Capture the flag (The most popular)
  • Football
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch

Another interesting thing with Sole Survivor is that it's the only C&C game where you can change the EVA voice, your options include the Commando voice, standard EVA and others.

The soundtrack was mostly comprized of remixes of C&C1 and Red Alert tracks and some unused tracks from said games.It includes what seems to have been the base for Hell March 2