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Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer is a real time strategy game which was released in 1995 for DOS, 1996 for the SEGA Saturn, Macintosh and Playstation, 1997 for Windows and 1999 for Nintendo 64. C&C is about two factions the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative.

Command & Conquer is seen as one of the games that made RTS popular. With modern eyes C&C might look dated, but the gameplay is still relevant despite the age of the game. C&C spawned a series that lives on to this day. Even today "C&C games" are still being made, more or less based on the concept of this classic game; Though it can be argued that the games newer than Tiberian Sun are truly "C&C games". Anyhow the silver box with a soldier holding a M-16 should have a place one way or another in the collection of every gamer.

Everything begins in 1995 when Tiberium (a mysterious extraterrestrial plant) arrives on Earth in a meteor; Tiberium is a blessing and a curse, while Tiberium is full of valuable metals it emits poisonous gasses and spreads quickly over the entire planet. Tiberium is very dangerous; even short contact with it can be hazardous and fatal. Some animals and even humans turn into a hideous creatures known as viceroids which are living blobs which blows tiberium gas at victims sometimes turning other creatures into more viceroids.

Despite the dangers of Tiberium it is highly valuable, it contains all the metals needed to build tanks, structures and other things. Tiberium is also easily harvestable as it grows on the surface. Tiberium is harvested through the use of vehicles known simply as harvesters. Harvesters are heavily armored and slow, but are vital for the founding of combat operations. After harvesters have collected Tiberium it takes it to a Tiberium refinery which processes the Tiberium and stores it. When a tiberium refinery is full, buildings known as silos are constructed to store excess tiberium.

Lead by the mysterious Kane, the Brotherhood of Nod quickly manage to gain control over most of Africa through corruption, propaganda and violence. They quickly become classified as a terrorist group by the western world. In response to the Brotherhood's actions, the United Nations forms the United Nations Global Defense Initiative or GDI for short, to stop Nod influence from growing stronger. The First Tiberium War has begun, and you, the commander, decides Earth's fate!



The Global Defense Initiative

"By sanctions by the United Nations the Global Defense Initiative has one goal, to eliminate multinational terrorism in an effort to preserve freedom."


The GDI is a global peacekeeping force with the ability to strike anywhere at a short notice. The GDI was created to combat global Terrorism and has The Brotherhood of Nod as their primary target, the GDI prefers to use conventional tactics used by most armies however if needed unconventional tactics are used.

The GDI receive troops and equipment from most western nations especially the USA, they have access to both convetional weapons like the M1A1 Abrams and experimental weapons like the Orca.


The Brotherhood of Nod

"The Brotherhood of Nod, an ancient and secret society retains strong ties with most global terrorist organizations. Commanded by a man known only as Kane, Nod's long term goals are unknown, however recent activities include; expansionary behavior into disenfranchised nations, high volume investments into global trade markets and aggressive manipulation of international mass media."


Not much is known of the Brotherhood of Nod. Neither its goals, resources or how it was created. Many speculate that the Brotherhood have exsisted for thousands of years but these claims are mostly dismissed as ridicules

Nod is lead by a man known only as Kane; Kane is just as mysterious as the Brotherhood itself. The age of Kane is unknown, but sources from within the Brotherhood claims he is thusands of years old

Kane seem to have great understanding of human society: manipulating the media to do his bidding. Kane also seems to have great understanding of tiberium, he even knows how to create weapons out of it.

The Brotherhood uses guerrilla and hit and run tactics. Nod receives most manpower from poor countries however it seems that Nod even has the resources to recruit people from western countries. Nod uses modified US weapons; how these weapons came into Nod hands is unknown.

Covert Ops

The Covert Operations

The Covert Operations the official expansion pack for Command & Conquer, it contains 15 missions and 7 music tracks, as well as the funpark missions which can be accessed by the "funpark." parameter.

The Covet Ops also enables the "new missions" menu, this is great for mission makes as it allows for easy access of custom missions.