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The Covert Operations CD


The Covert Operations CD
Created by Westwood
Filesize 555.1 MB
OS Format MS-DOS Mac OS (Power PC) Windows 95

The Covert Operations CD


Promoting the release of Command & Conquer 3 EA released Command & Conquer as freeware in 2007. The status of the Covert Operations is a bit unclear however EA has in the past linked to sites in the C&C community that provides downloads for it so we believe that EA simply forgot to upload it themselves.

This is a ZIP archive containing a bin and cue of the Covert Operations mission disc for Command & Conquer. To be burned to a CD or mounted in a virtual disc program.

The process of manually installing the game on a modern system is fairly involved. If you are not comfortable with using technical tools and want to be up and running easily check out the Command & Conquer installer instead.