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This is a list of people who has contributed directly and indirectly to the Command & Conquer Communications Center/CnCNet in no particular order

  • Tore - Web Master and founder, kinda PR guy
  • CCHyper - Creating the logo
  • hifi - resident sysop/nix guy, creator of CnCNet v2 and newer, cnc-ddraw, and assisted in the sites newest design
  • Nyerguds - Forum silo images, suggestions and proof reading (and the 1.06 patch for C&C1)
  • Tim - Previous host of the site
  • Myg - creator of CnCNet v1 and improvements to the C&C1 netcode
  • Irony - creator of CnCNet v1.5
  • FunkyFr3sh - creator of an excellent client for CnCNet 5 among other many other things
  • Iran - creator of PortableRA and many other useful hacks for both C&C95 and RA95
  • N3tRunn3r - creator of MiniRA+ and FullRA+