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Single player? here

Where can i Upload my own map?

i love to great maps and i cant play the new maps what i greated :/
Tiberian Sun / Firestorm / Error with 16 bit
« Last post by BvNTv on Today at 03:11:38 AM »
Hello i can open a game but if i start and try to play a error message come and kick me out of the game.

a window pop up and the message is:

This product requires a 16Bit pixel depth!

what can i do :/

General Discussion / CNC Text/Notification Alerts
« Last post by rabidsnypr on Today at 01:28:36 AM »
I'm making this topic for people who love CNC so much that they use the sounds on their phone for ringtones or text alerts.

The one I'm posting on here right now is when what's her face on CNC3: Kane's Wrath, Finds out Cabal is alive and about to be activated.

The next Link I will post on this edited post after this is cabal saying

"The ascensions of the sounds of your own extinction"

Here's the Link:

The forums don't allow you to upload .mp3 formats if you are wondering.


"The ascensions of the sounds of your own extinction"  sound

Tip: If you have Google Chrome on your phone, you press and hold the link on mediafire and you can press "Save As" and you can save it to your phone.
Uh... VQA is the game's video format. :huh:

Well, I've never messed with Video files, so I wouldn't know.  Are you saying we can possibly convert the music to VQA format, and somehow convert that to an AUD file in stereo?  Wouldn't we have to extract the sound content from the video file somehow?
Funky , Iran:

Does /mode -b or some other unban command work? if I want to unban a player from my game. Thanks!
Uh... VQA is the game's video format. :huh:
Calm down on the caps lock bro, sheesh  :dry:

Multiplayer filename format is SCM##EA(.ini/.bin) with the "##" being a number from 00 to 255.


I type while looking at the keyboard so if the first letter isnt caps then the whole text will be caps lolz
for the map to be playable offline directly from the .exe, they .ini and .bin must be in the same folder as the .exe and named in the method Nyer described.  That's what I did to look at the map you uploaded.  Just put it in my c&c95 folder, ran the .exe and entered the multiplayer mode from the game's menu... ez pz

mind you, playing the map on cncnet and playing it offline are 2 different beasts.

Ahh I see I need to put it in the original maps folder silly me :)

Yes true but you get many things tried out before multiplayer so like you said I wont clog up the maps list.

Dont worry I will make that map look more natural rather than square walled, like a tournament map, I dont intend to release a load of HJK like maps its just so much fun at times.   

My next map is really really pretty and natural looking.

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