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CnCNet Discussion / Re: CnCNet 5 suggestions
« Last post by FunkyFr3sh on Today at 07:27:34 PM »
you can pick any name you want, this name was just an example :D

normally the file is called "ra95-spawn.exe", cncnet updates it when new ra features are added ... if you want to use your own custom .exe then we are ofc not able to update it since you added some special stuff and you have to use your own updater

you should add the mod name and custom game type to cncnet5.ini, it will turn most of the standard ra updates off to make sure it wont break your mod (check red dawn as example)
CnCNet Discussion / Re: CnCNet 5 suggestions
« Last post by White on Today at 07:22:27 PM »
So I'd have to change the name of the exe file to "ra95-mod.exe"?
Can I just have another slot? xD
And which file wont update? the CnCnet one?
Could I just make a copy of CnCnet5 and have one for the mod (which doesn't update) and a regular one?
I started to make a mission called - Twist of Fate in Snow theater.

It's not the same map, it's the same mood of the Covert Operations mission.
This time, the player is Nod, the same briefing (just reverting where it applies), some paralel aspects and I'm thinking of new tricks.
generally the way to get into missions is to mess about with the various functions for a few hours and find out how everything works.
There is a mission making guide which is about 90% accurate and contains a lot of the information you need to get started
Haha well thank you for such a nice rap man. XD

I'm actually open to suggestions a bit on how I run it. I basically have to release my mod without the missions just so people can work with the thing, haha!
CnCNet Discussion / Re: CnCNet 5 suggestions
« Last post by FunkyFr3sh on Today at 01:04:15 PM »
you can use your own .exe, not sure if i remember the name of the key correctly but try this:

it does compare the .exe files :)

using this key also means that the updater will never update this file again, so you have to take care of the updates on your own!
Really need to get into mission making, but as it stands, I pretty much don't understand triggers AT ALL xD
So I'd be starting from scratch. Fortunately, I do have an ENTIRE MOD to make missions for :P so plenty of space to get cracking. The only issue is that I don't want to make bad missions for such a great mod xD
CnCNet Discussion / Re: CnCNet 5 suggestions
« Last post by White on Today at 12:48:41 PM »
I asked ages back, right when CnCnet5 was first released, about adding support for ARDA. It's kinda understandable that you don't want to add specific support for it.
However, as it stands, anyone who hacks the exe cannot use CnCnet5 at all for their mod.
Could extra slots be added for people to add their OWN exe files to, so they can start up mods and play with others which also have the mod? CnCnet5 would only have to check if the exe files were the same, and if yes, then the games of that exe will show up on anyone elses game list who also has that exe registered in the settings.

What do you think? :P
CnCNet Discussion / Re: All Tunnels Down For Maintenance
« Last post by hifi on Today at 06:00:51 AM »
I fail to see the point in breaking something that is known to be breakable just to prove
To catch attention, because CnCNet does not give a damn for security, that's sad. I don't know if it is REALLY "known to be breakable".

Catch attention by telling us something we already knew? I don't know where you got this "does not give a damn for security" though. Nothing you have pointed so far is of any risk to players more than what the original game imposes. What you are planning is just griefing players and games rather than being someone actually into InfoSec and exposing real vulnerabilities.

You, sir, are the sad one here.
CnCNet Discussion / Re: All Tunnels Down For Maintenance
« Last post by favece on Today at 12:31:57 AM »
[Before shitstorming, please read this post carefully, trust me. Thank you.]

you can DoS a server?

I cannot, I do not have that capacity. Never said "DoS", that kid's stuff.

why dont you just ban that guy?

What is the use of that? That could not stop me. Please refer to that (my) following post:

... something to push his ego.

Your opinion.

He brought security issues to light I see no reason to ban him.

Tore... <3 I cannot understand why you are that kind to me, really cannot.

See you soon!
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