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General Discussion / Re: Does C&C have a future
« Last post by TQdragon on Today at 08:51:51 AM »
Good points everyone, but Liam the C&C Tiberium universe still has to tell more of what happened (C&C4's ending and storyline was terrible). EA still has a lot to explain especially after that ending. But creating a new universe or having the mutants and maybe the scrin have a bigger part would be fantastic. Tiberian Sun offered alot of potential for the mutants which wasn't developed as much as I hoped it would in the later games.
Modding Discussion / Re: JSDF BETA 0.1 Released
« Last post by mrgreenno1 on Today at 07:35:40 AM »
I have win7 x64 and I cant install RA from original CD's. The other version 2.0. of RA i have is not working with your mod =( Please upload your mod with RA. I suggest you to make it compitable with ver 3.03 it has less problems working with win7.
Modding Discussion / Re: Jungle tileset
« Last post by Chimas on Today at 02:19:13 AM »
HA, this is cool stuff ma' !
Hey oh, Nyer, when the theater gets ready, I'm gonna put in that Amazon Assault campaign.
The jungle is massive now. Great stuff, there is even a fruit tree.
Tschokky, you could substitute that white alien thing to a rapa nui mini-statue of some kind.
Allen, I renamed the file to JUNGLE.MIX and ran it like a MOD in CCConfig. It worked perfectly.
Modding Discussion / Re: Jungle tileset
« Last post by Chimas on Today at 01:48:37 AM »
thanks Allen, I'll also try to run it as a MOD ... it "worked" the last time. I'll be waiting for your stuff later Tschokky! I want that church too ... I'm so excited ...
Modding Discussion / Re: Jungle tileset
« Last post by Allen262 on Today at 01:41:29 AM »
It took me all farken day but done but jungle converted to C&C95! You can see it in the below screen shot you can download it. It will replace your stock temperat.mix so make a backup copy of your stock temperat.mix!
Modding Discussion / Re: JSDF BETA 0.1 Released
« Last post by Allen262 on April 17, 2014, 10:31:45 PM »
A SC mix is just the first 2 letters in the name of a mix.  SC tells the game to replace the stock files with those find in the SC mix. Back in the first Red Dawn I used many SC mixes. I used SC_Sou.mix that had sounds. SC_Voic.mix had new unit voices. SC_EVA.mix had the new ingame advicer voice. SC_Mus.mix had music.
Modding Discussion / Re: Jungle tileset
« Last post by Allen262 on April 17, 2014, 07:58:35 PM »
Converting to TD isn't quite easy. All of the PCXes have to be converted to TD temperat.pal. Some will have to be edited and other made as bridges in TD are not the same as RA1. The TMP2PCX and PCX2TMP are clunkers to work with.
Original ren is from 2002, you can't really expect it to have a bigger player count than RenX which was recently released. RenX also took away some Ren players, do note that. Anyway, RenX had, if I'm not wrong, 5000+ downloads in the release day, and playercount dropped drastically since then imo.

Original ren has 3 active servers actually, Jelly, RenCorner and MPF.
Modding Discussion / Re: JSDF BETA 0.1 Released
« Last post by Snijboer on April 17, 2014, 07:55:08 PM »
So, some SHP files and some AUDs. What exactly was changed in rules.ini?

Check the front page, there you could see the changes i made for the rules.ini. Now because the launch wasn't really good i did some tweaks on the rules.ini right now.
I've changed alot in there, like costs are reduced, more crates, more storage for the silo's, pillbox with primary + secondary vulcans, make some units have more strength etc.

Practically all of these kinds of changes can be done with a simple sc*.mix addon file. The game automatically reads any mix file starting with "sc", so you don't need to replace any original game files to add a mod that way.

Where can i get this sc*.mix addon file? Is there a tutorial for it? If so please share.
Infinite money completely wrecks everything because a major tactic for allies is about utilising terrain and controlling money with groups of tanks (whereas soviets tend to use bases). If you take that away all the allies have are slightly faster tanks. Which isn't very useful in comparison to insane tesla spam.
Arguably in a standard map, on the off chance the money has run out from the map, I will argue that the allies hold a major advantage at this stage (gps, more units and mines)
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