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You can extract the music but they will be nowhere near 320 kbits. Otherwise you can get them on iTunes, Amazon or buying the CD's on Ebay.
I'm wanting to try get the soundtracks from the majority of the C&C games in the pack for Audiosurf.. having trouble finding into.  Thought I'd ask here.

Anyone know how to do it if its possible?  If not possible, is there a way to get the songs legally?  I really want them.
FunkyFr3sh... the format is "sc*.mix". There's no need for the - at all  :dry:
The Tech Center / Re: Introduction to modding/hacking
« Last post by Nyerguds on Today at 07:36:28 AM »
Well, I already implemented it for the music list... though I rewrote pretty much all functions for handling the music theme objects for that, to remove a bunch of bugs and oddities in it, and to fix the displayed length of the hidden remix versions in the music playlist ingame. Besides that, the basic way is just the same as TS; a continuous index list which holds the filenames without extensions, and then a specific info section for each of those names:

Internally, it uses Westwood's Vector class, and I hacked my new vectors into the global game variables list so they are initialized on startup and cleaned up on exit, and I used the ini read functions already in the game for opening and reading the actual ini file. And I wrote my own ini read function (built on the basic "get string") for reading booleans. (Same lazy method WW uses in Dune II for that, by only checking the first character :P)
Oh, and I added an extra vector for custom names, so people can add music without any need to edit the game's strings file. Though technically this conflicts with my language switching system, since those names aren't overridable. Heh.

There seem to be two vector types; one to hold objects and one to just hold ints. I think the 'objects' variant's destructor automatically cleans up the allocated heap space for the objects in the list. Pretty handy. If you want to see the dumbest use of vectors ever, though... look into how they used it for the multiplayer map names in the original unpatched game. They make the vector hold consecutive addresses for fixed length strings, reserved in the actual non-heap memory of the program. Basically it's a vector abused to serve as nothing more than an array index value O_o
The Tech Center / Re: Introduction to modding/hacking
« Last post by peterthepigeon on Today at 02:13:08 AM »
Yes, yes, I know. I was simplifying things. That's how dying grenadiers and flamethrowers tend to take out the entire group :P

I'm not entirely sure of the details surrounding the use of said animations for weapon impacts, though (like, the SSM missile uses the same fireball as the exploding flame tank); I assume that just plays the animation without that specific damage, and uses the weapon's configured damage/warhead instead?

I wish they put these "damage-dealing animations" in objects as well... from what I can see it's just a whole mess of exceptions in that 'play animation' function -_-

I might make a post investigating this, it won't be fully in depth just enough to get the ball rolling because I still have to cover handles and start explaining how to implement an ini system.  As tempted as I am to use existing tools for the job, I would rather write my own so everything fits together neatly.  I've even considered github for the whole ordeal so people can contribute.
it should be working fine, just copy the files into your game folder and keep using the game launcher from the desktop, you dont need to use the .exe nyer included in his package anymore

oh wait, i think nyer been using a special name for the .mix file, add sc- infront of the name

*name*.mix -> sc-*name*.mix
Hmm. I thought it was supported, but I'm not sure on the internals of that support. I know Iran hacked it in, but I have no idea if Funky uses that version.
Tiberian Sun / Re: best ts player nowadays
« Last post by TRZ on November 27, 2014, 05:51:10 PM »
 :laugh: :laugh: XD
Tiberian Sun / Re: best ts player nowadays
« Last post by Xforce on November 27, 2014, 01:12:04 PM »
i know sean u are v good too but in case of 2 v 2 i think mola nod is best so far coz kapa doesnt play nod :P

and btw u dont play regularly and ur online for couple of minutes or so but deep dpwn i know u are best too but mola might have a little egde on u when we compare both nods
Wow! Your installer work great on my Win 7 64bits PC.

It seem something missing, Nyerguds' "Red Alert: The Lost Files".

Is it included in this installer?

If not, how could I go about having in my system.

I have d/l the files from Nyerguds' site, but it suppose to run using different exe, I try renaming exe & dat files but they also don't work.

Anyway, are you & Nyerguds working on it to have "Red Alert: The Lost Files" as part of your great RA Installer or at least a way to install manually?

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