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Yuri's Revenge reaches new online record, and more...

August 26, 2015, 01:33:18 PM by Grant

August Highlights!

With everyones efforts, we've now seen Yuri's Revenge reach a new online record. On Sunday 23rd of August 2015, we reached a new record of just over 100 players and 37 games online at once.
Congratulations to everyone involved, and thank you to you, the players for playing and sharing our existence!  Here's to the next announcement when we reach 200 players!  :cnc:
In other news...

Our YouTube channel has now reached beyond 3,000 subscribers. Our Facebook page is also now at an amazing 9,000 likes. Thank you to everyone who submits content to us to post and promote, it really helps. To submit videos to our YouTube page and get your channel promoted, read here. It's also worth noting our Twitter page is on the right track to fast approaching 1000 followers, please share and follow us if you Tweet!

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CnCNet releases first look into leaderboard

August 05, 2015, 02:07:53 PM by Grant

Hello all!
CnCnet hopes to be releasing its first leaderboard soon, supporting in release 1, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun. Here's a couple of snazzy screenshots to have a look over!

Developers and/or watchers can find our Github repo here. Feel free to follow us on our progress or contribute!


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Renegade X: Open Beta 5 has been released!

July 08, 2015, 10:10:49 PM by N3tRunn3r


The new version will include:

• 6 new vehicles: Hover MRLS, Titan, Wolverine, TicTank, Recon Bike, and Buggy. These vehicles are only available in crates, and they are not purchasable. The vehicles are also available on our SDK.
• Improved auto-patcher for quick and easy game updates.
• New crates, including alien abduction, Time bomb, Speed upgrade, and more.
• Oodles of SDK upgrades and fixes.
• Configurable air-drop times for server hosts.
• Spies no longer show player names to enemies
• A destroyed Refinery now gives 1 credit per second to players, and a captured Silo gives 0.5 credits per second.
• Tier one characters (Officer, Rocket Soldier, McFarland, and Chem) are now purchasable and doubled in price when the Hand of Nod and Barracks are destroyed.
• Secondary weapon upgrades price changes.
• Map fixes and changes.
• Tons of balance changes and fixes!

You can find the full changelist here!


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RA2 CnCNet 5 support will be coming this summer!

June 22, 2015, 08:13:57 AM by Iran

Will include anti-cheat, selectable spawn locations, pre-set alliances (like in Yuri's Revenge), exploit fixes, extremely quick map sharing, support for multiple spectators, high quality map previews and much more! The same CnCNet client will be used for RA2 as the one that is currently used and you will be able to play RA2 and YR from within the same client (no need for multiple clients).

On a side note the Official CnCNet YouTube channel has more than 125,000 views and more than 2,500 subscribers. We are looking for players who are willing to record CnCnet games for us. Check out this thread to submit videos!

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A special note to our donators out there...

May 12, 2015, 11:11:09 AM by Grant

On behalf of the team, we would just like to say a big thank you.

It helps us to build, promote and deliver better things for the C&C community.  Without your help, CnCNet would certainly not be where it is today.

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