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High res for Sole Survivor!

July 17, 2014, 06:24:48 PM by Tore

CCHyper has managed to enable high resolutions in Sole Survivor. In light of this and other discoveries we have made a Sole Survivor forum.

For more info about high resolutions in Sole Survivor and more screenshots and other info go to this topic.

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Forum updated from SMF 2.0.6 to SMF 2.0.8

July 04, 2014, 02:47:29 PM by Tore

Just updated our forum software from SMF 2.0.6 to SMF 2.0.8.

Hopefully this wont cause some abnormalities.

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Command & Conquer Video Packs Released

July 04, 2014, 02:02:09 PM by Nyerguds

The main problem with the full game download pack of the C&C95 v1.06 patch has always been the lack of videos. Well, two years after the last patch release, this issue is finally addressed.

The downloads section of the ModDB page of Project 1.06 now contains video packs for English, French and German. On top of that, the addons section has video addon packs which can be added to the game on top of the main videos pack, which allows the game to switch videos as you switch to a different language.

One of these video addon packs, notably, is the Spanish one, made to accompany the Spanish language pack. It contains subtitled versions of the English videos, created by wolfstain:

More information can be found in the news article on ModDB.

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C&C: Online announced!

June 23, 2014, 11:40:40 PM by Tore

Little late with the news... I thought this might be interesting for those of you who play the more modern C&C games such as Generals + Zero Hour, C&C3 + Kane's Wrath and RA3.

A little while ago Glu Mobile announced they were shutting down the Gamespy master servers. This will cause all of the hundreds if not thousands of games using Gamespy for multiplayer to cease functioning. Later EA announced that "they couldn't find any alternatives" and posted a list of all EA games using Gamespy, this list included most modern C&C games.

C&C: Online is a community initiative to keep online multiplayer running for those games with all their features intact such as buddy lists and such.

The official announcement for the project is below.


Hello everyone! We are proud to present to you C&C:Online, the community-driven GameSpy replacement!
Below you will find all the information we currently have to share.


C&C:Online is a GameSpy emulating server for modern Command & Conquer, created and hosted by Revora.

It's based on our T3A:Online project for BFME, adapted to work for all the Command & Conquer games affected by the GameSpy closure (Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3). will be working with Revora in managing, developing and promoting the new online service.

C&C:Online lets you use the game's native online interface, exactly like you are used to now (no LAN). It works by using a simple launcher that redirects traffic to our server. In order to participate in the new service, you will need to download the C&C:Online launcher for your game(s), and create an account at Revora. Your Revora account name is then synchronised to be your new "EA" account name. Don't worry, you will still be able to choose different nicknames.

While we cannot realistically expect everybody that is currently using the official online service to move to C&C:Online with us, we hope that our service can convince a sizeable number of users. We have every reason to look forward to a bright future for our games and communities.

C&C:Online is supported by:


Very soon. Make sure to keep an eye on the C&C:Online Facebook page.
Once it is released, we will post links to the new C&C:Online website, from which you will be able to download the C&C:Online clients, as well as find installation instructions and links to support and community forums at Revora.


We are confident that we can release C&C:Online for all five affected C&C titles (Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3) simultaneously, in time for the GameSpy shutdown.

The first release will contain the following features for all titles:

- Playing games
- Hosting and joining games
- Chat functions
- Buddy systems

The server is still under heavy development at the moment in order to make it by June 30th. The basics (login, chat, buddy system) for all games are working, but the listing of Generals and Zero Hour games in the lobby is still somewhat problematic. We're doing our best not to let you guys down!


After the initial release, we will continue development to add more features.
We will be working on:

- Statistics
- Ranking
- Automatch systems

Together with GameReplays we are looking into a method to verify users that want to keep their old nicknames (to prevent impersonation), and to link these to existing statistics and rankings.


We need this news to be spread as far across the global C&C community as possible, so help us spread the word!

We could also really use some donations! Revora is a non-profit association, and so all proceeds go towards server costs and improving our infrastructure.

In the same vein, if you happen to own a VPS hosting company and have a spare server, we would really appreciate the support. We will host C&C:Online on Revora's dedicated server for now, but with so many players this is probably not a viable long-term solution.

Wish them good luck in their endeavor.

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UltraAOW Imperial Age Weekend

June 11, 2014, 02:45:15 AM by N3tRunn3r


    100% Free to Play
    An awesome total standalone conversion of the Renegade W3D Engine with ImperialKaskin's structures, units, sounds and assets in a First Person Shooter environment. - Visit UltraAOW's Website - ImperialKaskins's Information Page
    UltraAOW Imperial Age Weekend
    In the UltraAOW Imperial Age Weekend everyone starts out having 25.000 credits right after maploads.
    The rotation consists of only ImperialKaskins maps which were recently updated to version G9. (Unit Information for Imperial's G9)
    New in G9+ is the ability to deploy several vehicles in additional positions with the Q key. Please download and extract to your data folder the keys.cfg from here.
    This will make some interesting games once again. Be there!
    All other settings are standard UltraAOW Settings as described on the website.
    The Weekend of Friday 13 June till June 16 Monday.
    TT 4.1 Update is Required
    The Tiberian Technologies Update 4.1 for Renegade is required to play on the server.
    You can download it on their official website if you do not already have it.
    It adds lots of extra's, anti-cheat and a ingame automatic map-downloader, awesome stuff!
    Active Server Plugins
    Of course the server will run our own MPF_NewMaps.dll plugin which adds additional functionality to the server such as Veterancy and Special Crates & Power-ups.
    Other plugins running on the server are for example the Team Donate and !ammo purchase ability every minute. Type !cmds for a list.
    You can also type !swap to change teams with someone on the opposite team, or to balance the teams.
    For a full list of modifications and adjustments please visit UltraAOW's Website. (changelog)
    Mappack is Available
    You could download their Mappack before joining the server. This ensures you have all the maps already.
    Then you will not experience any ingame download dialogs which may take long if you have a slow(er) connection.
    All you do is click Next, Next, wait for it to install the maps and then you're done and ready to join.
    NEW: Imperial Age Standalone Client
    IndieDB Profile | Mirror #1 | Mirror #2
    An awesome total standalone conversion of the Renegade W3D Engine with ImperialKaskin's structures, units, sounds and assets in a First Person Shooter environment.
    Install this if you do not have Renegade installed, it is a standalone client.
    Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up this Weekend.
    Please feel free to spread this news around a bit to attract more people and let's see if we can have some fun the Weekend it lasts.

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